Bird watching in Tanzania

With a range of endemic bird species, Tanzania is a great location for a birdwatching holiday. A tremendous amount of ornithological research has been carried out here in the past twenty years, which has hugely increased the information and resources for bird watching in Tanzania. Come for great endemics, near-endemics and speciality birds.

The changes suggested by ongoing research make listing an exact number of endemics difficult. Some sources suggest around 22-23, whilst others split into sub-species and suggest as many as 34. A handful of spectacular endemic birds that most sources agree on include: the Udzungwa forest-partridge; Mrs Moreau’s warbler; Loveridge’s sunbird; and the Usambara eagle-owl.

Birding in Tanzania is not only recommended for endemism. Over 1000 species have been recorded here and birders in Tanzania will love the range of environments and the sheer variety of birds to be seen on a safari holiday. For some of the best lodges and areas for birdwatching in Tanzania, see our ideas below.

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