cheetah-on-Tanzania Tanzania is a top safari destination in East Africa and it’s called the gem of Africa safari. It is the blessed land with an abundance of wildlife, panoramic vistas and some of the most kind, hospitable and gracious people in all of Africa. It remains untouched by time and is still as wild, rugged and untamed as ever.

 The Beautiful Country

Over 35% of its land is allocated to national parks and game and forest reserves. It is also home to the highest point in Africa – Mount Kilimanjaro – which measures in at 5895 meters or 19,341 feet. Tanzania is also a politically stable, safe country in which to travel. The proximity of so many stunning parks and conservation areas only adds to Tanzania’s appeal as a safari destination. Several parks and conservation areas can be visited in a few days, allowing visitors to take in a wide range of Tanzania’s landscapes and scenery in a relatively short period of time.

 Home to Serengeti National Park

The most popular Tanzania safari destination is the Serengeti. Here tourists can witness the awe of the annual herbivore migration, which includes nearly two million wildebeest and thousands of antelope and zebra. The Serengeti is roughly ten times larger than Kenya’s Masai Mara Game Reserve, yet it receives a much lower number of tourists each year, per square kilometer/mile. There is truly the opportunity to get off the beaten path in Tanzania, especially in the Serengeti, and to experience the vast beauty of the African wilderness without being surrounded by hordes of tourists.

 African Ideal safari location

If you’ve been enchanted by safari documentaries on television you will be utterly speechless when you become part of your African surroundings. Words cannot describe the initial sensation of being out on safari, enveloped by endless expanses of African savannah, or in spotting your first leopard, lounging lazily in a sausage tree. A visit to Tanzania and its wilderness is truly a step back in time. As soon as you land at one of the small dirt airstrip in the Serengeti, you feel utterly removed from the modern, bustling world. There are no restaurants trying to capitalize on your visit, and no buildings to block your view of your gorgeous surroundings. In fact, the biggest possible impediment to a quick descent into Serengeti is the odd giraffe or impala grazing on the airstrip, necessitating a chase from the local ground crew.


  • Arusha Safari
  • Lake Eyasi Safari
  • Lake Manyara Safari
  • Ngorongoro Safari
  • Serengeti Safari
  • Tarangire Safari

Safari Extras

  • Balloon Ride
  • Kilimanjaro Climb
  • Olduvai Gorge
  • Zanzibar & Beaches

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